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Multilingual Speaking Clock  v.2.6

Speaking alarm clock which announces the time in over 30 different languages (English, French and German are included, additional languages are available on the website) . Includes alarm that can announce the time and play any WAV-file. Full

Public Speaking Training  v.1.0

Public Speaking Training toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox, get instant updates on all the best public speaking training blog posts, plus weather, your favorite radio channel, and

Fear of Public Speaking  v.1.0

Fear of public speaking toolbar for use with Internet Explorer. This toolbar will make sure that you can get the information you need on how to overcome fear of public speaking without wasting time and energy on ineffective solutions. The worst thing

Public Speaking CHMod Calculator  v.1.0

Public Speaking CHMod Calculator for your personal

Public Speaking Screensa  v.ver 1.0

Public speaking screensaver for your personal computer. Contains high quality public speaking

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program  v.1.0

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program - Get more information about student loans at

Writing and Speaking  v.1.0

Writing and Speaking toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find Writing and Speaking resources. Easily reach all the Writing and Speaking information you need to market your website directly from your browser

Gradeway Teacher Suite  v.2.2

Gradeway Teacher Suite 2.2 offers users a helpful and integrated collection of classroom tools. This includes a grade book with three grading modes, lesson planner, and attendance tracker. Using Gradeway Teacher's Suite, educators can also upload

QuickMathFacts Math Facts Teacher 0626  v.1.0

QuickMathFacts Math Facts Teacher 0626 1.0 is a free tool for children to be good at in math. Please let your school know about the program and licensing arrangement. If you prefer, you may also

Speaking Images for Kids 120-en

Speaking Images for Kids is a handy, easy to use tool designed as an English learning application for little kids with speaking images.System Requirements: Windows

The Gradeway Teacher's Suite  v.2.2

The Gradeway Teacher's Suite 2.2 is an advanced program which satisfies you with a Gradebook, Lesson Planner, Attendance Tracker, Summary and Detail Reports, Reminders, and more, the GradewayTeacher's Suite allows you to post your grades for your

Speaking Images for Kids  v.120-en

Speaking Images for Kids is a handy, easy to use tool designed as an English learning application for little kids with speaking images.

PortalXP - Teacher Edition  v.1.2

This set of webpages is my attempt to make portal applications about of common applications. PortalXP - Teacher Edition is a PHP/MySQL application used to create a common front-end for teacher

STM: Student/Teacher Manager  v.1.0

Student Center is a web based student and teacher portal with the ability to organize homework assignments, display news, and show other relevant information. This project includes the use of PHP5, MySQL, a template system, and LDAP

Php Teacher Assistance  v.1.0

This PHP/Mysql project help to teacher that manage students, class and making questions bank for getting online exam and test from students in web interface.

PCuaderno, teacher grade book.  v.32

Useful application easy to handle for the management of information on the process of teaching and learning that takes place in a class. The idea is that the teacher comes to class or anywhere else, insert a USB (Universal Serial Bus) in the personal ...

Teacher Assistant  v.1.0

A little program using C# and SQL Server, to hold important class data for a teacher.

Toefl speaking practice  v.1.0

It is very difficult for international students to get a high score in Toefl speaking section.Toefl speaking practice helps students practice their oral English and get a higher score in the exam. Students can practice their oral English by answering ...

Best kindergarten teacher  v.1.0

Kindergarten Teachers race. The aim is to be the Kindergarten Teacher of Earth, throughout the whole alien invasion. Maybe you need to be bad to be victorious!

Teacher's Report Writer  v.

Teacher's Report Writer allows teachers to generate student reports very quickly.

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